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Welcome to the home of Pro-shooter. Pro-shooter is in a continuous phase of evolution, we have many projects in mind. We are Australian owned and part of our range is made in Australia. We are considering to move our production to the US in 2019. Our Booth number at the 2019 Shot Show is #660.

We started manufacturing our series two pro-shooter in August 2017 from our workshop in Brisbane. In 2018 Pro-shooter exhibited in Auckland NZ at the Shot Expo in February and in March we exhibited in Germany at the IWA Outdoor Classic. We are working on some new exciting targets, these will be reactive targets that are Bluetooth/WIFI smart technology based. They will communicate between the Series 2 Pro-shooter, a phone Ap and the targets. The Pro-shooter Shot Recording Software and Laser Bullet is now ready and will be online shortly.

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Series 2



The series 1 reactive targets will full backward on successfully hitting the photo diode on the center of the target.

These targets offer the user the satisfaction of shooting a 10 and falling backwards and re-setting for another shot.

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Having done work as an independent security contractor in investigations and Threat/Risk analysis, I can quite comfortably say that no amount of practice can prepare you for what you are about to face. The role is life-changing and with it, you need to change your lifestyle and training in order to cope with the different type of threats. Hence why I remained safely tucked in behind my desk most of the time. I stumbled on Pro-shooter 2 when an ex-mil mate of mine recommended dryfire. I've used the Pro-Shooter for 13 days and I cannot believe the impact that it has had on my overall training. Two weeks ago, it would have taken me a good 2-2.5s to fire a round from the holster "with hands at chest level". Today I can do it in an average of .84s, over 24 rep at 3m! I was even surprised to see my wife get excited over the Pro-Shooter 2 while shooting the Series 2 Targets (she was afraid of firearms by the way)! The Pro-Shooter 2 is a safe option for practicing when you don't have the luxury of bringing firearms into your own home. This cost-effective technology platform provides detailed feedback and convenience for its user when combined with the right set of drills. It does not negate the need for live-fire practice but if you can save yourself $120 on 250 JHP rounds + petrol + travel and shooting time over one weekend, why shouldn't you? I'm not a pistol authority, you be the judge. But a Mechatronics Engineer who has a background in Defence/Security Technology, I cannot keep emphasizing the need for REALISTIC simulations. The Pro-Shooter 2 is an investment in your profession that save lives. As for me, the Pro-Shooter 2 has given me the confidence I need to take on more tactical training in the Security Industry. I look forward to the new product releases and add-ons will release sometime in the near future.

~ ‎Abraham El-Matary

My organization has under gone a big shift in training and training delivery. I
have been a weapons instructor for more than 20 years and have been using the
training systems handed to me as my blue print by my organisation.
We deliver training, running the gun and building neural pathways
that will set shooters up for success. We all know range time and rounds down
range assist in building the necessary neural pathways to make you more efficient
and accurate.
I started using the pro-shooter system 3 months ago. I use a range of pistols in my
workplace, they all feel very different with trigger prep and reset. We all know
that you can be doing everything right using the marksmanship principles, correct
grip on the pistol etc. The one thing that always stuffs things up is your trigger
manipulation. My trigger manipulation has improved not only with my pistol but
with rifles this is the training with the pro-shooter system.
I practice with the pro-shooter system 5 days a week and live fire every week. It
has helped me maintain the correct neural pathways and my ability to shoot cold.
My accuracy shooting cold is as good as it is after I’ve put a few rounds down
range. Using the Pro-shooter system to train people learning to handle a pistol is
excellent, holding, aiming and firing using this system give new learners the
ability to see what happens with incorrect input to the pistol frame without using
live ammo. Visual stimulus and response accelerates their ability to learn.
Pro-shooter is an excellent training aid. It assists in building and maintaining
those neural pathways when you can’t get to the range and shoot. It assists in
personnel undergoing pistol training for the first time, gives them a visual
reference and a very good understanding of what happens with too much or too
little finger on the trigger. Holding, aiming and firing is the biggest plus using the
Pro-shooter system. Maintaining the correct weapon handling techniques, trigger
prep and reset and the most important things you can do as a shooter, this system
will help you maintain and improve.
Other personnel in my workplace now use the pro-shooter system, the fact other
tried mine and then bought their own speaks for itself.
~ ADF Weapons Instructor

~ Terry Jackson,

I'm a sporting shooter. I've recently applied for my Cat H license. I've held my Cat A and B license for years. Several months ago I found Pro-shooter on the SSAA website. I spoke to some club member and they recommended the Series 2 Pro-shooter as a serious dry fire training aid, to develop my trigger finger technique and grip. I ordered the pro-shooter online and it arrived a few days later. It absolutely amazed me how easily the muzzle can be pulled away from the target in the split second my eyes close during trigger break with anticipation of the shock waves hitting me in the face. Yeah I know, never close your eyes right. I put a little bit of time into studying this eye closing thing. It seems it is a natural reaction and although it is just a split second, it is in that moment that you loose control of what happens. I have learnt through using the Pro-shooter what I do as an individual, while squeezing the trigger. I am a right hand shooter, I seem to naturally pull the firearm to the right of the ten. Sure, I can pull off a few well controlled shots while I have the time to control my technique. However if I'm in a competition and my pistol jams, I find that everything goes out the back door! Well not totally because I now know expect. I will pull to the right. So thanks to training with the Pro-shooter I better understand what I do as an individual shooter. This has greatly improved my basic understanding of the basic fundamentals of shooting.

~ Marcos Hansard,

If anyone wants to to train at home without investing big dollars into live-fire activities. Then I strongly recommend the pro-shooter, which has helped me accomplish my wish to pistol shoot. After only 7 weeks, I found myself so much more confident with my basic handling of the firearm. Thanks to the pro-shooter team. Now, I’m going towards buying my first 1911 pistol.

~ Christopher Asher,

Special thanks to pro-shooter who gave me the home-based training that I needed. The thing that inspires me about these guns is, no amount of live fire training would have given me the instant feed back that pro-shooter gave me shooting in my lounge room! Not for a moment am I saying that Dry fire training is a total substitute for live fire, only that there are a few things that I couldn't pick up from live fire that I was able to do with Pro-shooter. Love the fact I can train at home when I can't make it to the range.

~ Brian Simpson,