New M1911 Pro-Shooter series 2


The premium quality and upgraded dry fire pistol is a great choice for adults since it provides an enhanced shooting experience.

Following its forerunner, the New Pro-Shooter series 2 M1911 is designed with an improved built and appearance; the Red slide demonstrates it being a dry fire training aid. It is available in a kit with a pair of highly reactive laser targets. This set ensures a cost effective solution to all the advanced shooting training needs. The newer pistol has a more innovative windage and elevation adjustment, with more weight and detail. The shot sound can be turn on and off via a micro switch on the side of the barrel as per your preference. The laser windage and elevation can be adjusted with the supplied Allen Key. We have incorporated a newer and improved quality laser module. The Series 2 gun is powered by a CR123 battery.


The new Pro-Shooter M1911 series 2. This is the pro version and a totally new design.

What’s new with the series 2

More detail.
More weight.
Physical sites are dovetailed, this means you could replace them with any dovetail sights you like.
Physical sights can be adjusted to change windage, left or right.
The laser windage and elevation can also be adjusted with the supplied Allen Key.
Fully ejectable mag, weighted.
New shot sound that can be turned on or off.
Red slide to demonstrate this is a dry fire training aid.
Trigger take up.
Trigger break.
New improved quality laser module.
Powered by a CR123 battery, available everywhere.
Series 2 will work with your old pro-shooter targets.
One pull of the trigger, one split second shot of light. When this split second shot of light hits the photo diode on the 10, the target will full backwards and then re-set.

The series 2 pro-shooter will be officially launched at the SSAA Brisbane Shot expo, however pre-sales have commenced and will be shipped around the 10th of August 2017. This one time introductory price which is only a promotion until the Shot expo commences is

1 x 1911 trainer pistol
2 x reactive targets
1 x allen key

Additional information

Weight 1227 g
Dimensions 42 × 24.5 × 6.5 cm


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