Clay Shooter


Experience an ultimate clay shooting training with our premium clay shooter guns for kids to master shooting targets.

You can buy our newest Clay Shooter toy gun which is designed specifically on a high demand from our consumer base. We have created the mold for a mini pump action shot gun so that now you could have an overall better experience with our visually appealing laser targets.

It comprises of a switch located above the trigger on the left hand side which ensures easy switching of pump action to semi-auto. The pump action is more of a preferred choice for users since it enhances skills and improves the ultimate challenge of hitting the target in the least amount of possible shots. The overall length of the body is 63cm and is not a 1/1 scale gun like the 1911 to ensure an easier grip for children. It also has the adjustable windage and elevation.


Additional information

Weight 660 g
Dimensions 77 × 20 × 6 cm


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