Welcome to the home of Pro-shooter. Pro-shooter is in a continuous phase of evolution, we have many projects in mind. We are Australian owned and part of our range is made in Australia. We are considering to move our production to the US in 2019. Our Booth number at the 2019 Shot Show is #660.

We started manufacturing our series two pro-shooter in August 2017 from our workshop in Brisbane. In 2018 Pro-shooter exhibited in Auckland NZ at the Shot Expo in February and in March we exhibited in Germany at the IWA Outdoor Classic. We are working on some new exciting targets, these will be reactive targets that are Bluetooth/WIFI smart technology based. They will communicate between the Series 2 Pro-shooter, a phone Ap and the targets. The Pro-shooter Shot Recording Software and Laser Bullet is now ready and will be online shortly.

We love Pro-shooter because we don’t get the time to go to the range as much as we would like, but we still can get plenty of training at home for free! We hope that you also love your Pro-shooter and you are welcome to send us feedback so that we can further evolve Pro-shooter. If you have any wonderful ideas, don’t hesitate to tell us about it.