Instant Feedback in Practice

Reviewed are two products from Pro Shooter, a “Clay Shooter” pump-action miniature shotgun and a Pro Shooter “ultimate Warrior” better game using a full-sized Colt 1911 laser simulator pistol. The Clay Shooter comes with a knock down target box to which the user attaches one of several included circular cardboard discs with different graphic targets printed on them. The ultimate Warrior game comes with two menacing-looking , six-inch high plastic commandos which, like the circular target, has a small red indicator light sitting just below a clear laser sensor, which has to be hit with the laser to “activate” it.

While the instructions that come with each outfit stress that these items are toys, they sit spart from your basic toy shooting game in significant ways. First up the clear laser sensors which need to be hit with the beam from the gun, are around 3mm in diameter- you need to be good to hit them. Second the sights on both guns are easily adjustable for windage and elevation, allowing precise aiming spot on the bullseye. In addition, the largest can be activated form up to 50 feet., which will test the very best marksman.

The guns let off a realistic, low-volume repost upon “discharge” and the reactive tarets scream and fall down when hit. Naturally all these targets and guns are bettaery operated, using A4-size alkalines. While the weight and balance of these guns is not like a real firear, the skills and reflexes you develop using them would definitely be transferable and they a fun indoor alternative and great, if politically incorrect, toy for the whole family to enjoy.

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